Download Dual SSL

Both the Dual SSL main library and the Dual SSL Key Server software are available under the GNU General Public License, and can be downloaded below.

The quickest way to setup Dual SSL on your web site is to download the free plugin for the LFM web platform. The plugin includes a preconfigured implementation of Dual SSL, and you can encrypt individual sections of text by simply enclosing them in Dual SSL tags. LFM is a free, business-oriented content management system that helps you build a modern web-based business. Learn more about LFM.

Download Dual SSL for LFM

Dual SSL Main Library

This is the main Dual SSL library for PHP. It provides the core functions of Dual SSL along with some sample files to demonstrate how you can integrate Dual SSL with your own software.

Download The Library

Dual SSL Key Server Software

This software enables you to setup your own Dual SSL Key Server. The software is written to run on Apache servers with PHP. A Key Server must have a valid SSL certificate, and should use strong encryption ciphers with forward secrecy.

Download The Key Server

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